Speaker Profile

Pam Bower

Secretary, MSA Coalition Board of Directors, Chair, Research Committee

Pam has served on the Board of Directors as Secretary since 2013 and has led the Research Committee as Chair through seven research grant cycles. Liaising with the Scientific Advisory Board and adhoc peer review committee she administered the grant application and peer review process, culminating in the awarding of over $2 million in research grants since 2013. She maintains an active presence on social media, sharing information and keeping up to date on the latest MSA research news. Her key goals are to encourage worldwide collaboration among the MSA community, promote more awareness, encourage grassroots fundraising and support researchers to find a cure. Pam was recognized by the global MSA community with the JP Schouppe “JiePie” Award for excellence in MSA Advocacy in 2012. She has been nominated four times for the WeGo Health Activist Awards, and was named WeGo Health’s “Best in Show – Facebook” in 2015.