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Frequently Asked Questions

Content Copyright & Permissions

All presentations and materials are the property of the MSA Coalition and the session presenters, and may be reprinted or in any way reused by permission only. All requests for full or partial use of presentations or materials must be in writing. Please submit reprint request to Andy Schwarz at

Use of presentations and materials by patients for personal support is permitted (such as sharing printouts and links with family and medical professionals).

What time zone are session times?

All session times are listed as Eastern Time.  

What is the website address for the event?  

The website is  If you step away from your computer, you can return to this URL to log back into the event.

How do I return to the Lobby and Attendee Dashboard?

To return to the Lobby at anytime, simply click on the blue "My Dashboard" button in the top right-hand corner.

How do I access the sessions?

Once you are in the platform, click on Agenda. Next to each session you will see a green “Register” button. Click on the register button. Click on the title again and within the session description a Zoom link will appear.

The system says “zoom link will appear momentarily” and nothing appears, what do I do?

You may have to hit refresh in your browser and it will appear. We recommend that you “Register” for all sessions you wish to attend when you initially login (this is the green button in each located next to each session title in the Agenda). By registering, these sessions will populate in your Calendar viewable on the Attendee Dashboard (one of the tiles located below the 360 Lobby). When you click on the session in the Calendar, the zoom link readily appears. This will make it easy for you to locate the zoom link for each session at the time each session begins.

Do I need to download Zoom?

Although not required, for Live Session viewing, we recommend you download the Zoom app to your desktop. All live sessions will run via Zoom. All sessions are recorded and should be accessible on the site within 2-3 hours of the session conclusion. On-demand content is viewable through the virtual platform and does not require Zoom.

What email address do I use to login?

You must login with the email you used during the registation process. The system will only allow one login per unique email address.

What internet capacity is recommended?

You should use a strong, wired broadband connection with a speed of at least 1.4 Mbps. If your connection is slower, you may still participate but load times may be longer than normal. Other helpful tips include:

  • Connect to the internet using a network cable rather than using a wireless network.
  • DIsconnect from VPN or corporate networks (if possible).
  • Close any unnecessary applications.
  • Refrain from browsing the internet, streaming media and/or downloading large files during this time. 

What internet browser do you recommend using for the event?

We recommend using Google Chrome and Firefox for both Windows and Mac users.

How do I ask a question during a Session?

Once you are in the Zoom session, you will utilize Q&A feature to ask questions. Your question will go directly to the panelists and moderator. Other attendees will not see your question.

If I am not able to attend a live session, will it be recorded? 

Yes, all sessions will be recorded and posted to the site within 24 hours. 

May I chat directly with exhibitors?

Yes, depending on what functions the exhibitor has chosen to enable, most exhibitors have Live Chat, which is a public chat feed. Some exhibitors are also offering a Meeting Lounge with face-to-face netowrking. Additonally, you may use Contact Us to send a private message to an exhibitor.

What if the sessions are not loading properly and giving "glitches"?

  1. Ensure you are using a supported browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Log out.
  3. Clear your browser's cache.  This guide will walk you through the process:
  4. For live sessions, ensure you have Zoom downloaded. 
  5. Log back in.

What if I need assistance?

For technical assistance, please contact:  For all other questions, please contact

What is the cost for registration?

Registration is free for all attendees.

Can I register multiple people with the same email address?

No. The virtual platform only allows access for one registration per email address. If you have multiple registrants within your household or organization, each will need to be registered with a unique email address.

How and when can I access the virtual platform?

The platform will launch Monday, September 20 and you will receive login information by Friday, September 17.  If you register after September 20, your login credentials will be sent within 15 minutes of registering.  If you do not receive, please contact

Is language translation available for the site? 

How to Translate a Website with Google Translate

  • Open a web browser and go to
  • In the text box on the left, type in the entire URL (including the http://) of the website
  • On the right, choose the language you want to see the website in.
  • Click Translate. Figure 1: Translating a Web site.

How does the virtual platform comply with Web Accessibility?

Compatible with Screen Readers

The technology is accessible and able to be navigated by screen reader software programs.

• A text alternative is added for visual items on the portal including photos, illustrations, icons, and animations.

• There is the ability to skip past site navigation to main page content.

• The text for internal hyperlinks make it clear where you are navigating to.

• External hyperlinks make it clear that following the link will result in leaving the portal.

• Form fields have descriptive labels.

• Errors in filling out forms are clearly described.

• Page titles and headers clearly describe the content under them.

• Header and section titles are logical and descriptive.

Keyboard Compliant

The technology can be navigated using keyboard controls including pages, content, navigation elements, forms, and slider elements.

Graphic Design

The graphic design takes creates an accessible visual experience.:

• Buttons are larger

• There is adequate contrast between text and background

• There is adequate color contrast

Content Compliant

Content posted on our technology is designed for accessibility.

• Titles & subtitles describe the content.

• Posts have descriptions that indicate the nature of the content.

• If a file is uploaded, the viewer can enlarge the view or go full screen.

• The content description or buttons let you know the purpose and destination of a hyperlink.