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Topher Schott
MSA Coalition

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My mother was diagnosed with multiple system atrophy in the summer of 2017. I have really appreciated the support network MSA Coalition offers in the “onboarding phase” of MSA. I have attended the last three in-person Patient & Family Conferences in Nashville, San Francisco, and Orlando. Given that my mother lives in Maine and I live in the DC metro area, my relationship as caregiver may be unique. My siblings and I have “spread the wealth” in taking care of the business – one takes on “moving to single level housing,” another takes on doctors’ appointments in Boston, and I took on “fun committee.” It is always important to enjoy life, but even more important to cherish the fun times once diagnosed with such a crappy disease like MSA.

Speaker Events

Topher and Adrienne, a current and former caregiver of mom’s with MSA share their stories, experiences, insights and lessons learned from being launched into a caregiver role at a younger age. They specifically dive into various aspects of the caregiving role that differentiate younger caregivers from older ones touching on main points that area common thread in the young caregiver community. They also provide resources from young caregivers and welcome you, the young caregiver, to share your story as well!

2021-10-01 Live Sessions