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Victoria Pena-Cardinali, LCSW
Capital Health, MSANJ Board of Directors

Speaker Bio

Victoria has a Masters Degree in Social Work with a clinical concentration from New York University. She has years of experience in the area of Medical Social Work at Capital Health Systems.Throughout her career, Victoria has been able to work closely with patients and their families to address their unique and personal needs related to management of chronic diseases such as adjustment issues, community reintegration, service connection, advocacy, collaboration, support counseling and transitions of care among many others. In addition to program clinical management and development responsibilities, Victoria is a provider of psychotherapy services for adult individuals and their families treating mood disorders linked to psychosocial stressors related to chronic illness and adjustment issues. Victoria is an MSA NJ Board member, and often facilitates support group meetings as part of her work with this organization.

Speaker Events

This session focuses on the power of positive thinking and living your best life with MSA. MSA NJ Board Member, Victoria Pena-Cardinali, a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and Julia Landicho, a nursing student and MSA NJ volunteer speak with Barbara and Frank Tinari to discuss their journey with MSA. This inspirational couple speak candidly about how their lives changed since the MSA diagnosis and how they continue to live life to the fullest possible. Following their conversation, other members of the MSA NJ community share snapshots of their stories, thoughts and strategies in support of all those living with MSA.

2021-09-27 On-Demand

In keeping with our traditional practices, the MSA Coalition is offering support group meetings during our virtual conference. Please select the patient or care partner session for your region.  This session will be co-facilitated by a peer and a health care professional and will not be recorded. It is an informal meeting space to connect with others, sharing concerns, resources, and coping strategies. The facilitators will help to ensure all voices are heard and to offer their perspectives to support your needs. Note that no medical or professional advise is provided as part of these meetings, as you should always seek this advise through your individual medical professionals.   New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island,...

2021-09-24 Live Sessions