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Pierre-Olivier Fernagut, PhD

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I Graduated in 2003 from the university of Bordeaux (France) where I did my PhD on the development of mouse models of MSA. After a post-doctoral fellowship in the department of Neurology at UCLA where I worked on interactions between alpha-synuclein and pesticides, I was appointed in 2007 as a researcher at the French national center for scientific research. My research interests are to identify disease mechanisms and operate the preclinical validation of disease-modifying strategies in MSA. I serve as the coordinator of the scientific advisory board at ARAMISE (French MSA association)

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View English Recording View French Recording This presentation provides an overview of some of the mechanisms leading to the aggregation of alpha-synuclein. Following a description of some of the modifications that alpha-synuclein can undergo, it illustrates with two preclinical examples how these modifications can be targeted in order to counteract the aggregation process and prevent the demise of neurons.

2021-09-27 On-Demand

This live session provides the opportunity for Q & A with Dr. Pierre-Olivier Fernagut, ARAMISE and Dr. Patrick Cras, MSA Belgium, subsequent to their on-demand presentations earlier in the program. It is best to view their recordings: Alpha-synuclein and Disease Mechanisms in MSA Multidisciplinary Approach for People with MSA Please come with your questions ready! Note: This session will provide translation in French.

2021-09-29 Live Sessions