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Claudia Chou, MD
Mayo Clinic

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Dr. Claudia Chou is a hospice and palliative care physician at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Her background is in both neurology (specifically movement disorders) and hospice and palliative care. She is particularly interested in developing models of integrating palliative care into neurology and teaching trainees and providers in neurology and palliative care about neuropalliative care. Her current favorite hobby is chasing after a very active toddler.

Speaker Events

We will present recommendations for multidisciplinary care for MSA and show how this has been done in other neurologic disorders. Different specialists will discuss their role in caring for patients with MSA. Introduction & the Neurologist’s Role in an MSA Care team Rehabilitation Approaches in an MSA Care team The disciplines of PT/OT and PMR overlap and rely on one another and function as a team to provide nonpharmacologic treatment and management options for individuals with MSA. The information I present today will illustrate our experiences of common patient encounters that happen in our offices and therapy gyms. We know that you are all at different phases of living with this disease, we hope you will find it helpful to be aware of the scope of our practices as a...

2021-10-02 Live Sessions