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Jim Davis, Patient

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Jim is 66 years old, married and lives in the Central Texas area. He was diagnosed with MSA in the Spring of 2017. He thought he had had a stroke and after finding out that he had not he pursued further and found a neurologist who said it was probable MSA. Slurred speech and noticeable balance problems were the first main symptoms. He has participated in two clinical trials for drugs that were to help slow the progression of the disease. He has a son, step son, 2 daughter-in-laws, a grandson and a granddaughter. His wife, Milissa is 59 and they have been married (together) for 21 years. She is a retired high school math teacher. She is Jim's caregiver, but supported in this journey by their children, siblings and many friends. Milissa will join Jim in this session.

Speaker Events

In keeping with our traditional practices, the MSA Coalition is offering support group meetings during our virtual conference. Please select the patient or care partner session for your region.  This session will be co-facilitated by a peer and a health care professional and will not be recorded. It is an informal meeting space to connect with others, sharing concerns, resources, and coping strategies. The facilitators will help to ensure all voices are heard and to offer their perspectives to support your needs. Note that no medical or professional advise is provided as part of these meetings, as you should always seek this advise through your individual medical professionals.   Pacific/Mountain (Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Colorado,...

2021-09-24 Live Sessions