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Vik Khurana, MD
Harvard, MSA Coalition Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Board Liaison

Speaker Bio

Vikram Khurana is on the faculty at Harvard Medical School, an attending neurologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and scientific co-founder of Yumanity Therapeutics. He is a medical graduate of the University of Sydney, Australia, and came to Boston as a Fulbright Scholar in 2001, obtaining his Ph.D. in neurobiology from Harvard University in 2006. He completed his residency in neurology at Brigham and Women’s and Massachusetts General Hospitals, and Fellowship training in movement disorders and ataxia at Massachusetts General Hospital. He received postdoctoral scientific training in the laboratories of Susan Lindquist and Rudolf Jaenisch at the Whitehead Institute, where he co-led a study that succeeded in identifying and reversing pathologies in stem cell models of Parkinson's disease (Chung*, Khurana* et al. Science 2013). Vik co-founded Yumanity Therapeutics in December 2014, a company that applies stem-cell technologies to drug discovery in neurodegenerative diseases (http://yumanity.com/about-leadership.php), and joined the Ann Romney Center and Harvard Stem Cell Institute in 2016.

Speaker Events

Research Panel with Live Q&A Clinical Research Updates Daniel Claassen MSA Coalition Collborative Core Program Vik Khurana A Blood Test for Distinguishing between Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple System Atrophy Gal Bitan The presentation describes our recent biomarker study in which we found a method for distinguishing between Parkinson’s disease and MSA using a blood test with close to 90% sensitivity and specificity. The rationale, methodology, and implications of the study are discussed. Live Q&A

2021-10-01 Live Sessions