Speaker Profile

Ian Pickford
MSA Trust
Care Partner

Speaker Bio

Ian is the husband and very willing full-time carer of Jackie who has MSA-C.They are not quite having the retirement they planned but love spending time together and have travelled extensively before and after the diagnosis. They do as much as they can in their circumstances and they are both convinced that they will continue to be positive whatever the beast of MSA throws at them! They live in the UK and have been well supported by their NHS, the local hospice and the MSA Trust. They facilitate a support group for four counties within UK and have monthly Zoom meetings where an interesting speaker talks each month followed by round table discussions on whatever topic is relevant to their members.

Speaker Events

In keeping with our traditional practices, the MSA Coalition is offering support group meetings during our virtual conference. Please select the patient or care partner session for your region.  This session will be co-facilitated by a peer and a health care professional and will not be recorded. It is an informal meeting space to connect with others, sharing concerns, resources, and coping strategies. The facilitators will help to ensure all voices are heard and to offer their perspectives to support your needs. Note that no medical or professional advise is provided as part of these meetings, as you should always seek this advise through your individual medical professionals.  

2021-09-24 Live Sessions